Why Food Processor is a must need of Every House

Food processors are advanced kitchen appliances that are used for almost all of the cooking procedure. They are modified version of blenders but are far more better. They can perform almost every task whether you have to grind the meat, nuts or spices, have to chop veggies, or can even to mixing and kneading dough. They are very useful cooking appliance that will save your time and will surely help us in cooking delicious food. Today we will discuss many reasons why you must own a food processor.

You can literally do everything, you can even ground the beef, to do so you will need to slice one inch piece of a meat and lay it down on the parchment paper on the tray. Make sure they don’t land on each other, it will cause them to stick together. Let them cool in the refrigerator; make sure that is should be stiff on the edges and corners, but still pliable in the middle. Then place the sliced meat in the grinder and blend them until it’s shredded but make sure that it should not get extra grounded. There you go, enjoy delicious minced meat; prepare meatballs, kofta kebabs and many other dishes at home.

That is not all, do you love Malaysian cuisine. How do you propose to prepare one, food processor will help you to prepare curry paste and saves your time. To prepare one you will need the desired spices, browned onions, tomatoes paste and herbs. Place all of them in the food processor and it will perform the rest of the task. After that, you will only need to add the half cooked meat and simmer the whole mixture. There you go our meat curry is ready the taste great with serving Nasi Goreng.

On a movie night, with delicious fried a spicy sauce is very necessary. Food processors will surely they help you. To prepare this sauce you will need; a cup of parsley and cilantro, salt and pepper, four garlic cloves, half a cup of olive oil, four-tablespoon red wine and red pepper flakes. Transfer all the ingredients in the food processor and let the food processor perform their task. Serve them with fried chicken.

Benefits of Owning a best Food Processor at Work Place:

On a hot summer day, a chilled glass of milkshake is a treat that everyone enjoys. Whether it’s a child or an adult, everyone loves milkshakes. Mine personal favourite is oreo shake. To prepare this you will need a bunch of oreo cookies, two spoons of vanilla ice cream and half a cup of milk. Transfer all of them in the food processor and it will do the rest. Then transfer them in the serving glass, and add the freshly whipped cream from the top along with grated oreo cookie, believe me you will love them. Prepare them for your kids and serve when they arrive from the school.


What Facts to Consider Before Buying a Juicer

When it comes to juices, we all are crazy for them. We at least consume a glass of juice everyday. In addition, the young kinds and teenagers are seemed to be obsessed with juices. There are so many varieties in juices that one may get confused which one to buy. Sometimes I try to taste all the flavors available in the market but up till now I was not able to do so, they are so many. However, due you know among all of these juices and drinks in the supermarket hardly one or two may be good for our health otherwise all others are acting as a slow poison for our body. Especially among the young generations these unhealthy drinks are very common such as fizzy carbonated drinks, flavored juices, alcohols, carbonated malt drinks and etcetera. They all know the hazard and impact of these drinks but consume them any way that is why we must help our kids to switch from these unhealthy drinks towards a fresh drink. Moreover, when it comes to fresh drinks there is only one best option and that is to prepare one at home, they are delicious, filled with a nutrients and minerals.

While sometimes buying a juicer for home juicing may be difficult but not any more because today we are discussing some very important points that will help you to buy the perfect juicer for your need.

There are two main options in buying a juicer; a cold press juicer and a centrifugal juicer. Ok if you want to drink the juice from a citrus fruits then buy a centrifugal juicer, as they are best for only these kinds of fruits. But if you look forward to enjoy juice of every fruit and vegetable than you must buy a cold press juicer as they will extract the juice from all the fruits, vegetables and even milk from the nuts. How is this possible? Its simple a cold press juicer uses two separate techniques to extract the juice from the fruit or vegetable. First, it will shred the fruit or vegetable into small pieces and then applies a high hydraulic pressure on the shred. In this way all, the juice is extracted from the fruit or vegetable. That not all you can have from a cold press juicer, you can extract the milk from a various nuts such as cashew nut and almonds and not even this you can extract the milk from the coconut. While on the other hand, there is one more disadvantage of a centrifugal juicer, it produces heat due to high speed spinning metal blade due to which a lot of nutrients and enzymes are destroyed. You can find the difference between the purity of these two extracted juices buy comparing their waste. Waste from cold press juicer will be more drier hence proving that most of the juice is extracted.

These are the main reasons why cold press juicer is always preferred over any other kitchen juicer. That is why make sure to buy a cold press juicer so that you can drink more pure and nutritious.

Which Blender You should get? Countertop or Immersion Blender

Blenders are very useful kitchen appliances which come in handy in a variety of different recipes. There are many recipes which are only possible if you have a good blender in your kitchen. There are two main types of blenders available in the market: countertop blender and immersion blender. Both are very useful and whichever you buy, one thing is for sure: you will be happy with your decision! However, if you are having some trouble deciding which one to choose, here are some of the important differences between the two types to help you make your choice:

1. With an immersion blender, you are not limited by the capacity of the container that you are blending in. you can immerse the blender in any size of container depending on the quantity of food that you want to process. With a countertop blender you are limited by the capacity of blender jar that comes attached to the blender. If you want to blend larger quantities, you will have to blend in batches.

2. If you plan on blending hard ingredients like hard or frozen fruits and vegetables, go for a countertop blender. The reason is that most countertop blenders come with stronger motors and blades as compared to immersion blenders.

3. If you have a small kitchen and countertop space is an issue, get an immersion blender as they don’t take up any countertop space at all. You can store them easily in a cabinet. Countertop blenders, on the other hand, take some space in the kitchen.

4. Immersion blenders allow easier cleanup as they do not require you to transfer the ingredients to a separate blender jar. This saves the cleaning up of an extra container. Countertop blenders require the cleanup of the blender jar and lid whereas the immersion blender simply requires the cleanup of a detachable blending shaft.

5. Countertop blenders have no risks of food splattering into the surroundings as they have tightly fitting lids with the blender jar. With immersion blenders, food splattering can be an issue especially when blending hot liquids.